The Pen 17, November 2022

A lot has happened since the last newsletter, we have had a couple of massive months. We are now offering some more classes with Monday, Wednesday 9am and Friday 1.30pm classes.  Especially good news for those that work shift or fly in, fly out.  The classes have been focussing on technique and drilling.  This has enables attendees to do both morning and evening classes on the same day.

Big congrats to all that have been promoted recently, Sam and Nat purple, the 2 Joshs’, Tessa and Karl to blue.  We are looking at re-introducing the international belt system for juniors next year.  Keep an eye out for future newsletters for more information.

The last month has been a big competition period with JET member Luis, Sam and Denis competing in Melbourne at the Pan Pacific Championships.  Being the highest ranked competition in Australia it is a fantastic opportunity to try your skills with the best in your division.  As always our team did well and gained valuable competition experience.  Our most seasoned competitor Sam did exceptionally well winning Gold in the Gi and a few other silvers for the weekend.  The team all brought home some bling.

Some of the other members of the team attended the recent combat therapy competition ran over two weekends. Many competed for the first time and loved the experience.  The kids had a go on the second day in the gi and as always had a great time and showed great sportsmanship.  Well done to those that had a go.  These competitions are a great opportunity to test your game and develop.

The kids de Been Darwin competition held yesterday went well with 43 competitors having a go.  Thank you to all of those that helped make the morning a success and big congrats to all the kids that got on the mat to had a go.

Peter De Been will be visiting again tomorrow night for a 7pm seminar after the Pee Wees and Juniors.  Seniors, be sure to make the most of your membership and attend as he always has some fantastic skills to share with us.

Keep an eye out for future editions of the pen that will confirm the date for the kids award afternoon, holiday program dates and times, and membership information updates.

The Pen – Issue 13

Another couple of huge months for the Academy. The Junior Elite Team has had their introduction to the adult classes, a fitness test and have really stepped up their leadership with the other students. Tadhg has extended his training by attending Garage Jiujitsu in Sydney and competing at grappling industries comp in Melbourne recently. His brother Sy competed too, with some fantastic results, winning all his divisions. Keep up the good work boys.

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The Pen – Issue 12

Celebrations for the end of term were huge this weekend.  We started with the interclub comp and finished up with another awesome seminar by Peter.  The kids had many successes putting together the pressure the game has been working on over the last month.  Transition from position to position with control improved.  The knowledge of the rules and use of points was great to see.  Each winner on the day provides 4 points, silver medallist 2 points and bronze medallist 1 point for their academy.  The points from each school will be tallied up at the end of the year and the winner will receive the 2019 De Been Jiu Jitsu Darwin Cup.  Keep an eye out on social media to see how the points finished up after Saturdays comp.

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