Our Coaches


Chris Grumelart is the head coach of De Been Jiujitsu Darwin, with an extensive background in martial arts. He started his journey in Judo at the age of 11, and his talent quickly shone through with regular competition wins, including over half a dozen Vic Championships and medaling twice at Nationals as a teenager.

As an aspiring athlete, Chris attended two Australian Institute of Sports camps and one as a coach, allowing him to hone his skills and share his knowledge with others. In the mid 90’s, he achieved the black belt in Judo and earned a certificate 3 in coaching by Judo Federation Australia in 2008. Throughout his career, Chris has coached Judo and served as a state junior coach in 2007 and 2008.

Chris’s love for martial arts led him to discover Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in 2008, where he initially trained in no holds barred with some friends. Despite having no specific training in BJJ, Chris competed in four divisions at the QLD championships that year and emerged victorious in two.

In 2009, Chris co-founded the De Been Jiujitsu Darwin academy with three friends, and he has recently transitioned to a full-time role as head coach. He has been coaching BJJ since and has competed nationally and internationally at all belt levels, with notable accomplishments including winning the Pan American No Gi purple masters U67.5kg in New York and placing third at the world master championships at Brown u70kg.

In 2019, Chris was awarded the black belt by Peter De Been, and he subsequently earned his 1st-degree in 2021. With over two decades of experience in martial arts and as a full-time coach at De Been Jiujitsu Darwin, Chris is a dedicated and passionate instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge to his students.


Dave is currently a purple belt and has been practicing BJJ for 4.5 years.  He showed an interest in coaching early and originally helped coach our junior programs.  Over the last couple of years he has developed a keen interest in coaching adult students.

He love’s Jiu Jitsu for the Physical and mental aspects as well as the comradery. The challenges each different person creates in a roll based on their skills, style, body type etc.
Dave enjoys coaching the technical aspects of BJJ and using a concept based approach to understand what is going on in all aspects of a roll and how to problem solve or better control your opponent by understanding body mechanics.








As our newest addition to the coaching team Joshua is looking forward to helping you improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

” With 14 years of training and competition experience, I’m here to encourage your passion and elevate your skills.  Josh takes our Wednesday No Gi classes and offers privates.
**What I Offer:**
🔹 Private Classes: Tailored sessions starting at $60/hr
🔹 Two-Person Classes: Train with a buddy for $100/hr
🔹 Expertise in Training Strategies, Game-Plans, and Mindset
**My Goal:**
🔹 I’m on a mission to transform you into an efficient and enthusiastic learner, empowering you to become your own best teacher on the mats.
**Why Me?**
🔹 Bachelor’s in Psychology & Counseling
🔹 Pursuing a Doctor of Medicine
🔹 Passionate Learner & Teacher








Tessa is currently a blue belt and has been practicing BJJ for 4 years.  She coaches the Pee Wees and Junior programs and loves the benefits bjj training has on mental health and fitness.  Prior to starting Jiujitsu Tessa had a background in Tae kwon do and boxing .   She is currently studying bachelor degree in criminology and criminal justice.