Darwin Academy - 1st Outside Victoria!

Established in 2008 the academy was founded a group of friends that were testing their Martial Arts skills every Saturday for a bit of fun decided to try this BJJ thing. We flew down to Brisbane for the QLD championships, never having seeing a Jiu Jitsu competition and not even being familiar the rules. That event was the catalyst for us. We learnt the rules on the fly and amazingly did very well. 


Peter De Been

After experiencing multiple martial arts Pete de Been found his life long love in Jiu Jitsu. Pete’s first introduction was with Prey Mantis Kung Fu during a surfing holiday in Hawaii. Intrigued by this introduction Pete then spent some time learning Wing Chun Kung Fu followed by time learning Seido Karate. Not quite convinced he then moved into a Penjak Silat which soon morphed into Shoot Boxing and then Shoot Fighting.


De Been Jiu Jitsu

Unlike many traditional martial arts, de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu techniques are not drilled religiously nor do they form the basis of the training. Instead the uniqueness of Jiu Jitsu training lies in learning and understanding the concepts that underpin the overall art. Jiu Jitsu techniques can only be applied successfully with a solid understanding of leverage and positioning concepts. The concepts will then allow a student to find a finishing technique that can be applied. Control concepts, positioning concepts and defence concepts are passed onto the student in early training and reinforced throughout training. These concepts form the foundation for de Been Jiu Jitsu from the beginner right up to the most elite level.


Why Jiu Jitsu

The rapid and continual growth of Jiu Jitsu in Australia can be partly explained by the sheer practicality and effectiveness of the art. However, for those who become devotees it would seem that the practice of Jiu Jitsu goes much deeper…

According to Pete, the reason why Jiu Jitsu continues to attract new students, including many who decide to cross over from other martial arts, is that de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu becomes part of a person’s lifestyle rather than something that they do in their spare time to keep fit.




We offer three senior programs. Blue belt classes are for new students and teach basic techniques from white to blue belt. Gi and No Gi classes are for experienced students and teach advanced techniques from blue to black belt. Included inthe programs are competition and open mat classes. There is also annual ladies self defense program.


BLUE BELT – Monday 6 PM and Wednesday 6 PM

Advanced GI – Monday 6 PM, Thursday 6 AM and Saturday 10AM

Advanced NO GI – Tuesday 6 AM, Wednesday 6 PM and Sunday 4 PM


  • 12 month contract $37 per week
  • 12 month upfront $1,600
  • 10 week pass $400
  • 1 class pass $25


  • All memberships are for unlimited classes.
  • Third and subsequent youngest family members free
  • Private classes available upon request – additional cost applies.
  • 20% off for full time students