The Pen – Issue 1

Big week: Public Holiday meant we got a sleep in Monday and rolled at 9. Then it was off to coffee where Reece introduced us to the new member of the family. The mats had to come up for the new fan installation. It was worth it, the area is much cooler and quieter. Tunes are much easier to hear! The kids were pushed hard, working on weaknesses and loads of push ups. With World Masters around the corner everyone is pushing Chris to ensure his game is ready.

Competition Month

Well done to all those that competed at NT Titles.  The club was well represented and many put themselves outside their comfort zones to have a go.  Another opportunity exists to compete next weekend so register now for another opportunity to put all those skills to the test.  Win or lose every competition teaches students valuable Jiujitsu skills in a pressure but fun environment.  Look forward to seeing you all there.