The Pen – Issue 8

Pan Pacs are around the corner. All who will be attending this weekend had their final week of hard training in preparation. Big thank you to all club members for pushing them hard in the last couple of months. The fantastic results our team get at every event is not only due to the competitors but to their hard working team mates that push them through every session. GO TEAM!!!

Kids are back in full swing with several gradings having been handed out, big congrats to Cheyenne, Rhys and Sonny. Saturday class was very hard this week as the humidity picks up and the comp class pushes everyone’s stand up stamina.

The beginners class members graduate over the next two weeks. They will now transition into the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes. They have been allocated a mentor to look after them and are all excited about the new challenges ahead. Please introduce yourself to the new faces, try to remember what your first classes were like and make them feel welcomed.

The ladies class continue to blow us away with their enthusiasm with some having started training twice a week. The 10 week program is almost complete with the donation (now over $300) going to Dawn House next week.

The Pen – Issue 7

The club started its next decade with a huge bang this month. September was our biggest visitation numbers for the month ever! A great sign that everyone is making the most of their memberships and attending as many classes as possible, we even got a couple of 6am classes with 8 or more students. Keep up the great work team!!!

After a week break the kids will be hitching to get back to training on the 16th October. Kids fees are due in the first week, and will be discounted by 20% for that week only, so be sure to speak to Nikki about payment.

One of our long time members and coaches was promoted to brown belt this week. This is fantastic effort that has come about by many years of training at least 4 times a week. Well done John, this milestone is a testament to your hard work and the commitment you have to your club! Also promoted Tuesday was one of the other very consistent team members. It’s amazing that she can fit the number of Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing classes in that she does in any given week. Well done Maria.

Preparations are in full swing for those travelling to Melbourne for the Pan Pacs. The competition is consistently the biggest in the Southern hemisphere, is an IBJJF event and is highly recommended to anyone that has aspirations to compete at the highest level in the sport. It offers learning experiences at all levels and no Darwin team member has ever left without having further developed their game! Wish Ali, Samford, Sam, Ryan, Luke and Chris all the best before they take off the last weekend of October.

The Pen – Issue 6

The term finished off with a bang Saturday with the Term 3 comp. The kids were amazing and were happy to show off their new skills. All competitors showed a huge improvement and the team vibe was fantastic. The coaches were blown away by the skills displayed, sportsmanship and comradery. Well done kids!! Now it’s time to have a well-earned break for the next two weeks. Classes start back after the holidays.

The clubs 10th Anniversary was announced and tickets are selling fast. Don’t miss out, see Chris or Nikki at the front desk for tickets now!

The Ladies class has decided to keep the momentum going and have requested a second night. After the completion of the 10 week program ladies will run Mondays and Wednesdays. Luke has kindly accepted to move the beginners’ class back on hour to accommodate them. The class has improved so much that I am scared to see what they can do with two nights a week.

We have had lots of enquiries about kids and beginner classes so please continue to share our social media content and tell all your friends.

The Pen – Issue 5

This month continues to be huge with the club turning 10 this week. A big thank you to all that have been involved over the last 10 years.  I speak for many members past and present when I say that the club has been a catalyst for so many fantastic friendships.  The strength of the club comes from those strong foundations that can only build with time and dedication.  It has been a privilege to see it organically grow to what it has today and know that the next 10 years will be huge!!  The celebrations will take place on Saturday 24th November at 7pm, at Tim’s Surf and Turf.  Please see Nikki at the front desk to confirm your spot (24 spots remaining).  It will be a great night combining our end of year awards with the 10th Anniversary.  The best & fairest voting cards will be out next month, please get involved as the more votes we get the better the awards.  The kids won’t miss out on the fun with their function to take place on at Lake Leanyer the following weekend.

Be sure to mark the 7th November down in your diaries for Peter’s next visit.  These evenings are always full of awesome techniques and a few laughs too.  Get your questions ready for Pete (preferably BJJ related), he loves us all to get involved.  Kids start at 6pm and adults at 6.30 pm.  Chris, Luke and Darren are looking forward to joining Pete and Greg (Wodonga team) on the Asia leg of the seminar run.  We aim to use this opportunity to meet our Indonesian team mates and provide options to visit for the Darwin team 2019.

Pan Pacs are just around the corner and those going are in full training mode.  The club has generously arranged accommodation for the first 4 who nominated.  We look forward to another huge weekend with 7 members looking to compete.

After a recent discussion with a parent we have decided to make the final week of this term dealing with bullies week.  The club has always been very strict about the use of BJJ outside the club environment.  This week will be focus on using BJJ in a conflict situation and ensuring the correct context is applied.  Many of my students over the last 25 years have managed to diffuse situations using martial arts. Nothing will be taught that they don’t already know, it comes down to context and confidence. If you have any concerns about your child participating please speak to Chris before class or by direct message.

We will round off the week with our next interclub kids comp, the Little Dragons BJJ Comp starting at our club at 8.30am.  Another great opportunity to practice everything learnt this term.

10 Years Old

The club celebrates a huge milestone this week. 10 years ago a group of friends that were testing their Martial Arts skills every Saturday for a bit of fun decided to try this BJJ thing. We flew down to Brisbane for the QLD championships, never having seeing a Jiu Jitsu competition and not even being familiar the rules. That event was the catalyst for us. We learnt the rules on the fly and amazingly did very well. Most importantly we learnt a lot, had a great time and developed an instant addiction to the sport. By the time we had returned the De Been Darwin team was born.

A lot has happened since then. Being the first BJJ club in the NT has been a huge privilege and many opportunities came from it such as running an NT titles at Mindil beach (outdoors) and securing an NTG grant to run the Auscup at the convention centre. We have introduced many to the sport and helped others on their Jiu Jitsu journey. Our programs continue to develop with classes now running most days. Our students many of which have become the best of friends have represented us across the world as both visitors to other clubs and competitors, always making us very proud and punching above their weight.

We thank all of you that have been involved over the years and look forward to the next 10! In true dbjjdarwin form we must celebrate our achievements. So blank out the 24th November for our awards and anniversary evening. The kids won’t miss out either, with a Lake Leanyer BBQ on the 1st December.

The Pen – Issue 4

WOW!!! Another huge week at the club. We turn 10 this week so keep an eye out for our 10 year anniversary and award function date to be announced.

The ladies got us off to a great start with 100% of last weeks class coming back for more. The rate at which they are picking up the new skills is amazing. From a coaches perspective, this is one of our favourite classes to teach, the enthusiasm and laughs are contagious. As discussed previously 100% of the proceeds from this 10 week cycle of the class will be donated to charity. Dawns House was chosen as the charity of choice for the group. A great cause for a great class!!! Keep up the good work.

The kids classes are rehearsing this terms techniques in preparation for the end of term competition. Be sure to keep the first Saturday of the next holidays free as these comps are always a fun learning experience for our students. The Kids 2 class had a discussion about bullying and when BJJ can be utilised. The last week of the term will deal with this topic some more.

We topped off the week with Luke’s MMA fight in Darwin. The club came out in strength and Luke had the loudest group of supporters on the night. The first round flying arm bar did not disappointment them. Well done Luke, what a great evening for all involved.

We had a amazing response to our social media ad for the beginners class this week, so please continue to support us, promote your club by sharing our content and encouraging your friends to give Jiu Jitsu a go.

Charity Selected

Another outstanding night for the ladies class. Some more basic principles covered with break falls and guard now making a lot more sense. BJJ can be confronting at first, especially in Darwin’s climate, getting accustomed to the body contact can be one of the most difficult stumbling blocks. Some have no problem and others take a while to get used to it. The class discussed the importance of taking your time, we all learn at different rates and have different barriers to progression. The most important thing is to have fun whilst still challenging yourself. A majority of the class has really put themselves outside their comfort zones to start this program and if today’s laughs and reaction to the class is anything to go by, I think it is already well worth it. The BJJ journey is a difficult but most importantly fun and rewarding one. I congratulate all of you once again for having a go. Well done!!

The group have selected Dawn House as their charity. 100% of class proceeds will donated. All members get behind this amazing charity that provides services to women and children escaping domestic and family violence.

The Pen – Issue 3

Another huge few weeks at the club. The kids had a party to congratulate one of their coach, Chris, on his Bronze at worlds. The seniors did the same on the town that night.

The planning for the ladies and beginners classes finally came to fruition. It resulted in over 25 new people hitting our mats and most importantly having a blast. The ladies got to know each other and were introduced to some basic principles. They were amazing and picked things up quickly. Their contagious laughter across the mats was a great sign that they all had a fantastic time. This week the ladies will pick their charity of choice and all the proceeds for the course will be donated. DM us if you wish to contribute too.

The beginners were very anxious at first but also learnt so much. The six week rolling program accepts newbies at any stage so tell your eager friends about our awesome club and the opportunity to learn the basics with other beginners.

This week gets bigger again with Luke fighting his second MMA fight and the new classes really picking up momentum. Follow us on Social Media, share our content, and please give us your feedback. We continue to work towards a positive Jiujitsu experience for all!

The Pen – Issue 2

This week the Jitz kids started with an impressive display, they managed to put most of this years skills together for some beautiful position transitions. The coaches were blown away! The kids 2 class started slowly but many push ups later and with a good no gi class on Thursday under their belt they put in a super hard stand up Shark Tank followed by a teams battle. Both teams got behind their players with team 2 just getting the win. Tadhg returned from Nationals after a great performance and was interviewed on Facebook. The Adults started strong with a big Monday morning. The team have really supported Chris in the last 6 weeks to ensure he is in peak form for next weeks Worlds. Tuesday’s gi class focussed on side control escapes and in was a golden oldie, ‘beers on’ is a 10 year old tradition that was reintroduced to the group by Darren. You haven’t lived if Darren hasn’t tapped you with his darce. We rounded off the week with more practice of the ‘throw of the month’ with most now confidant enough to try during shark tank. Another great week team!

The Pen – Issue 1

Big week: Public Holiday meant we got a sleep in Monday and rolled at 9. Then it was off to coffee where Reece introduced us to the new member of the family. The mats had to come up for the new fan installation. It was worth it, the area is much cooler and quieter. Tunes are much easier to hear! The kids were pushed hard, working on weaknesses and loads of push ups. With World Masters around the corner everyone is pushing Chris to ensure his game is ready.