There are no joining fees, minimum terms or cancellation fees. The preferred method of payment is direct debit.

  • Adult Basic – $100 per month, 8 classes
  • Adult Advance – $140 per month, 24 classes
  • Ladies Class – $120 per term, 10 classes
  • Casual – $20 per class
  • Juniors 1* (6-9yr) – $120 per school term
  • Juniors 2* (10-15yr)- $270 per school term, 3 classes per week
  • Kickboxing – $100 per month, 8 classes

Juniors maybe move between the two Junior classes depending on physical and mental abilities at the discretion of the coaches.

For families with two juniors, the second family member discounted %75, ($175).

For families with more juniors, first two juniors full fee, third juniors free.

Families with more than two kids pay full price for first two and all other kids are free

*fees are to be paid up front, student/school vouchers will offset fees.

*Adult 16 yr plus

Requests for refunds or credits will be assessed on an individual basis.

All Members must also join the Darwin Police Citizen and Youth Club. The mandatory fee is payable annually on 1 February of each year.

  • Adult – $110
  • Child – $50
  • Family – $165