Northern Territory Jiu Jitsu League

What a great turn out for the third term kids comp. With fifty kids entered into the comp it was going to be a big day for the kids to hold their concentration.



Building on from the last couple of comps, every kid had at least two fights.

Great “sportsKIDship” was shown through out the day, showing what this comp is about.

Starting at 9 and finish half 12, it was a long day for both the kids and parents.

kids comp

Special thanks to the Junior coaches from both clubs:

John – Peter De Been

Lukas – Will/Machado

Thanks also to Emma, Sam, Luke, Warrick, Jordan and Matt for helping out.

Thanks to all the parents for your continues support, with out you, your kids could not make it to training, therefore to the comps. These events are all about the kids testing their skills whilst having some fun.

Northern Territory Titles


Hi all,

Just another reminder,

The Northern Territory titles just around the corner, Saturday 29th July, we should point out that you must be a registered member to compete. This is a 4 star event, more points! What does this mean? Individuals are required to maintain a current membership to compete – this individual membership forms the basis of the new National Ranking System.

For further information about registration follow this link:…

This event will be held at the Marrara Sorts Stadium.

The doors open from 8:30 and at 9 am there will be a rundown from the refs.

Early weigh ins 9-9:20 otherwise it’s weigh in before your fight.

Test your skills and have fun.