The Pen – Issue 11

Like the rest of this year, December has been huge.  Our awards for both kids and adults highlighted all the hard work our team has done in the last 12 months and it was great to see a lot of new faces receive awards.  Big Congrats to our best & fairest for 2018, to be recognised by all academy members is something special.  Thanks to all that attended and voted.

Our most travelled recipient Sam competed in Sydney this month and unfortunately hurt herself.  It is fantastic to have dedicated members that regular compete to measure their development to others around the globe.  It takes great courage to do so and come back to Darwin to make the required changes to adapt your game.  The beauty of having those members amongst us is that growth flows through the academy as the knowledge is passed on.  We will be looking to travel more as a team in 2019, if interested keep an eye out for the release of our key comp dates and if there is a particular event you are interested let us know.

The girls in gi founder Jess Fraser visited this month.  A few of our members attended the seminar and are already adapting their games to suit.  The academy has supported the Melbourne GIG camps for many years and will continue to do so by sponsoring Aly for part of the expenses for the 2019 Camp.  We look forward to the new skills Aly will bring back to us on her return.  Have fun!!

The new Beginners Program has now been running successfully for a few months.  With a steady flow of newbies hitting the regular classes please make them feel at home and look after them.  It is exciting to see the new group of academy members develop their skills.  

Darwin is a transient population and like most years we are losing members as they relocate interstate.  Thanks you to all you that have been part of our BJJ family, please stay in touch and safe travels!!

Thank you all for a great year, have a safe and fantastic festive season.

The Pen – Issue 10

The recent Peter De Been visit highlighted the value of the academy system, with members getting a couple of hours of refining their techniques with one of Australia’s best. The teams side control defence improved out of sight this week!!! The informative evening was topped off by Chris being awarded his black belt! For the academy to receive its 2nd black belt from Pete in our 10th year was fantastic. For those who missed Chris stated ‘thanks to all my team mates, these moments can’t happen without your support.’

The visit was topped off by Luke, Darren and Chris supporting Pete on his Jakarta leg of seminars.  The Indonesian team was super friendly and were very appreciative to have the Darwin Academy owners visit. The 2 seminars and competition gave us the opportunity to develop important networks in an area where the sport is growing at phenomenal rate. We look forward to taking a bigger team to visit again sometime soon.

The Ladies introductory 10 week program has come to an end. As noted previously, the class was amazing and the feedback has been outstanding. Be sure to join us celebrate their achievements at the Nightcliff Foreshore Café this Saturday at midday. Ladies classes resume Monday and Wednesdays at 5.30 starting on the 26 th November. DM Chris on Social media if you need any further info.

The 10th Anniversary dinner is already here. Only a couple of tickets left (at the front desk) so don’t miss out. The evening starts at 7pm at Tim’s Surf and Turf Darwin City. The voting cards for the Best & Fairest and the Most Improved are also available at the front desk. Have your say, it is your opportunity to recognise our awesome teammates. If you can’t come in send your votes on DM to
Chris before the end of Thursday night’s class next week. The awards for Diva/Princess, Most Travelled, Dummy Spit, Strong Man will also be awarded on the night. The kids xmas party will be held the following week, keep an eye out for all information on Facebook and our website.