The Pen – Issue 11

Like the rest of this year, December has been huge.  Our awards for both kids and adults highlighted all the hard work our team has done in the last 12 months and it was great to see a lot of new faces receive awards.  Big Congrats to our best & fairest for 2018, to be recognised by all academy members is something special.  Thanks to all that attended and voted.

Our most travelled recipient Sam competed in Sydney this month and unfortunately hurt herself.  It is fantastic to have dedicated members that regular compete to measure their development to others around the globe.  It takes great courage to do so and come back to Darwin to make the required changes to adapt your game.  The beauty of having those members amongst us is that growth flows through the academy as the knowledge is passed on.  We will be looking to travel more as a team in 2019, if interested keep an eye out for the release of our key comp dates and if there is a particular event you are interested let us know.

The girls in gi founder Jess Fraser visited this month.  A few of our members attended the seminar and are already adapting their games to suit.  The academy has supported the Melbourne GIG camps for many years and will continue to do so by sponsoring Aly for part of the expenses for the 2019 Camp.  We look forward to the new skills Aly will bring back to us on her return.  Have fun!!

The new Beginners Program has now been running successfully for a few months.  With a steady flow of newbies hitting the regular classes please make them feel at home and look after them.  It is exciting to see the new group of academy members develop their skills.  

Darwin is a transient population and like most years we are losing members as they relocate interstate.  Thanks you to all you that have been part of our BJJ family, please stay in touch and safe travels!!

Thank you all for a great year, have a safe and fantastic festive season.

The Pen – Issue 8

Pan Pacs are around the corner. All who will be attending this weekend had their final week of hard training in preparation. Big thank you to all club members for pushing them hard in the last couple of months. The fantastic results our team get at every event is not only due to the competitors but to their hard working team mates that push them through every session. GO TEAM!!!

Kids are back in full swing with several gradings having been handed out, big congrats to Cheyenne, Rhys and Sonny. Saturday class was very hard this week as the humidity picks up and the comp class pushes everyone’s stand up stamina.

The beginners class members graduate over the next two weeks. They will now transition into the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes. They have been allocated a mentor to look after them and are all excited about the new challenges ahead. Please introduce yourself to the new faces, try to remember what your first classes were like and make them feel welcomed.

The ladies class continue to blow us away with their enthusiasm with some having started training twice a week. The 10 week program is almost complete with the donation (now over $300) going to Dawn House next week.

The Pen – Issue 6

The term finished off with a bang Saturday with the Term 3 comp. The kids were amazing and were happy to show off their new skills. All competitors showed a huge improvement and the team vibe was fantastic. The coaches were blown away by the skills displayed, sportsmanship and comradery. Well done kids!! Now it’s time to have a well-earned break for the next two weeks. Classes start back after the holidays.

The clubs 10th Anniversary was announced and tickets are selling fast. Don’t miss out, see Chris or Nikki at the front desk for tickets now!

The Ladies class has decided to keep the momentum going and have requested a second night. After the completion of the 10 week program ladies will run Mondays and Wednesdays. Luke has kindly accepted to move the beginners’ class back on hour to accommodate them. The class has improved so much that I am scared to see what they can do with two nights a week.

We have had lots of enquiries about kids and beginner classes so please continue to share our social media content and tell all your friends.

The Pen – Issue 3

Another huge few weeks at the club. The kids had a party to congratulate one of their coach, Chris, on his Bronze at worlds. The seniors did the same on the town that night.

The planning for the ladies and beginners classes finally came to fruition. It resulted in over 25 new people hitting our mats and most importantly having a blast. The ladies got to know each other and were introduced to some basic principles. They were amazing and picked things up quickly. Their contagious laughter across the mats was a great sign that they all had a fantastic time. This week the ladies will pick their charity of choice and all the proceeds for the course will be donated. DM us if you wish to contribute too.

The beginners were very anxious at first but also learnt so much. The six week rolling program accepts newbies at any stage so tell your eager friends about our awesome club and the opportunity to learn the basics with other beginners.

This week gets bigger again with Luke fighting his second MMA fight and the new classes really picking up momentum. Follow us on Social Media, share our content, and please give us your feedback. We continue to work towards a positive Jiujitsu experience for all!

The Pen – Issue 1

Big week: Public Holiday meant we got a sleep in Monday and rolled at 9. Then it was off to coffee where Reece introduced us to the new member of the family. The mats had to come up for the new fan installation. It was worth it, the area is much cooler and quieter. Tunes are much easier to hear! The kids were pushed hard, working on weaknesses and loads of push ups. With World Masters around the corner everyone is pushing Chris to ensure his game is ready.

Competition Month

Well done to all those that competed at NT Titles.  The club was well represented and many put themselves outside their comfort zones to have a go.  Another opportunity exists to compete next weekend so register now for another opportunity to put all those skills to the test.  Win or lose every competition teaches students valuable Jiujitsu skills in a pressure but fun environment.  Look forward to seeing you all there.