Junior Competition

Last Saturday 1/04/2017, saw the Darwin De Been 100% Academy host a juniors competition. We were lucky to have Will/ Machado BJJ Darwin join us for what was a fun and entertaining morning.

The competition started with Queenie warming up the kids.


The kids where split into two groups, under 10’s, over 10,s.
In total there was 33 x 3 minutes matches, so there would have been a couple of tired kids at the end!

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Some kids where shy to start off with, but once they were encouraged and supported to “have a go” their confidence grew. Some kids had tears from not winning, however that was meet by hugs and support from their parents and fellow team mates. All this goes to helping build character, self confidence, social interaction, a sense of belonging and most importantly to have FUN.


The under 10’s finalist: 1st Tadgh ,2nd Steph and 3rd Coen


The over 10’s finalist: 1st Ellie, 2nd Mikey and 3rd Johnny


Thanks goes out to John, Mat, Jordan, Queenie and to the parents that provide the endless support to help their kids to train.

Special thanks to Lukas Little for the donation of trophies and to his club- Will/ Machado BJJ Darwin, inter action between clubs helps all.

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