Peter de Been Visit

Peters visit started early in the afternoon, with some senior students shown “impassable / neutralizing” positions, which proved to be true to name.

After a small break, it was the juniors time with Peter. Peters way of explaining the concept behind the technique makes it easy for all ages to understand. This was clearly demonstrated when the juniors picked up the techniques straight a way….yes, there was some coordination difficulties….what a great bunch of kids.

Peter, John and Jordon with the Juniors.
Young Reilly McKenzie with his promotion. 
Willow McKenzie with his promotion.

Next it was the Adults time with Peter. The students continued with the same concept as from earlier that day with the “impassable / neutralizing” positions. This was followed up with a question and answer session.

The Adult class.

During the night there where several adult belt promotions. Congratulations to both Luke and Abram on their Brown Belts, and congratulation to John on his Purple Belt promotion. The club would not be what it is without the support from these guys. Well deserved!

Adult promotions. 

Thank you to all that attended and supported De Been 100% Jiu Jitsu Darwin

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