AFBJJ Competitions

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Are you interested in competing ????? One of the best ways to test the effectiveness of your jiujutsu is through competition. The Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiujitsu (AFBJJ) holds a network of competitions across the country throughout each calendar year. If you are nervous about competing – then don’t be! The AFBJJ runs its competitions under very strict guidelines and controls which promote the safety and development of the sport. Competitors are matched according to gender, experience (belt level), age and weight. Furthermore, all matches are adjudicated by qualified referees whose primary role is to promote your safety. Competitions are not only a great way to challenge yourself, but they are an excellent opportunity to network, travel and meet new friends. If you are interested in trying your hand at competition, please talk to one of the coaches at our club.

To compete in any AFBJJ Competitions across Australia you must first be registered with the organisation. To do this, click on the following link and navigate to the tab “BECOMING A MEMBER”:

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