We offer three senior programs. Blue belt classes are for new students and teach basic techniques from white to blue belt. Gi and No Gi classes are for experienced students and teach advanced techniques from blue to black belt. Included inthe programs are competition and open mat classes. There is also annual ladies self defense program.


BLUE BELT – Monday 6 PM and Wednesday 6 PM

Advanced GI – Monday 6 PM, Thursday 6 AM and Saturday 10AM

Advanced NO GI – Tuesday 6 AM, Wednesday 6 PM and Sunday 4 PM


  • 12 month contract $37 per week
  • 12 month upfront $1,600
  • 10 week pass $400
  • 1 class pass $25


  • All memberships are for unlimited classes.
  • Third and subsequent youngest family members free
  • Private classes available upon request – additional cost applies.
  • 20% off for full time students
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